• Dust, debris, bird and rodent faeces tend to accumulate in ducting systems over a period of time if not cleaned and maintained.
  • Filters, diffusers and variable volume control diffusers tend to block up from lack of maintenance.
  • Unpleasant odours are efficiently distributed through the building by the HVAC system, resulting in employees complaining about unpleasant smells in the office.
  • Employees feel the effects of Sick Building Syndrome and cannot work effectively or efficiently resulting in low productivity levels.
  • The HVAC system seems to be functioning poorly and not cooling or heating the building adequately.
  • Users may change the settings, unnecessarily increasing power consumption.

We have educated our clients to understand that cleaning and maintaining their HVAC system both physically and hygienically will;

  • Reduce the unpleasant, damp smells originating from the Air-Conditioning system;
  • reduce employee absenteeism thereby increasing their employees’ productivity;
  • reduce the number of HVAC breakdowns; and
  • save electricity.